With Homethrive, families get peace of mind and dedicated help at their fingertips. We support caregivers and older adults through expert guidance and services designed to improve daily living, from health and home safety to all things Medicare.

How we help

Everyone’s aging journey is different. That’s why the expert guidance and support we give every day is customized to meet each family’s unique needs. Here are some ways we help families:

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Supporting seniors with practical services

Homethrive helps provide for basic needs by:

  • Reducing social isolation and increasing connections to help keep seniors active and engaged;
  • Setting up prescription, grocery, and personal care product deliveries so aging seniors can satisfy their basic needs;
  • Helping to manage things like fall prevention so that minor issues don’t become bigger ones; and
  • Providing coaching and advice for families to help them make better in-home care decisions for their loved ones.
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Navigating a new medical diagnosis

Our Care Guides will help you and your aging loved one navigate the journey of a new medical diagnosis, including:

  • Understanding what different conditions affecting older adults will mean for your family;
  • Advocating on your behalf as you try to manage healthcare options for a new condition;
  • Identifying areas where we can take the burden off of your family; and
  • Setting and working towards achievable health and wellness goals.
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Managing dementia's impact as a family

Helping an elderly loved one through the struggles of dementia can be heartbreakingly difficult. For aging seniors dealing with dementia, we help their families:

  • Navigate the dementia diagnosis process;
  • Prepare for how dementia may affect their lives;
  • Find in-home support services for dementia patients; and
  • Make sure important documents and information about dementia are accessible and organized.

The expert help families need

On a call or on chat, families get the advice they need to help care for an aging loved one - and themselves - making each day better for your loved one and easier for you. 

What Care Guides like Amanda do every day

Amanda is dedicated to families like yours

Supporting families through coaching and education

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Managing doctor’s appointments and transportation

Setting and tracking goals to improve health

Setting up medication and grocery delivery

And simply being there to talk to and lean on.

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