How can Dari by Homethrive help?

Dari ensures that you have the knowledge, recommendations, and support you and your family need, all in one interactive and easy-to-use tool.

Dari helps ease the impact of family caregiving by uniquely integrating our digital assistant for coaching, navigation, and resources with expert personal interaction and service coordination.



Gain valuable knowledge you can't find anywhere else

Dari's Guides contain articles, videos, infographics, and podcast episodes that address the most common, complicated, and confusing issues that we know caregivers are struggling with on a daily basis. 

Here are some examples of topics Dari addresses: 

-Alzheimer's and dementia
-Understanding Medicare
-Finding the right care
-Fall prevention and home safety
-Navigating a hospital discharge
-Special needs
-Living your best life

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Get real answers from real people who understand

Caregivers can ask any question via our live-chat feature, Ask Dari. When a caregiver submits a question, they're instantly connected with one of our caregiving experts.

They can choose to virtually chat or talk with a real human being who understands the challenges of caregiving, not an automated chat bot.

Dari monitors the questions and answers that are provided via the Ask Dari feature, and creates new content to help others who may be in a similar situation.

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Connect with a community of peers

Dari has partnered with online support groups to connect users to a community of caregivers. Peer-to-peer connections can be a vital source of support for caregivers of all types.

Through Dari Peers, it takes seconds to be connected to a community of thousands, all going through similar experiences.

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Receive expert product and service recommendations

Through Dari Recommends, our team of experts and trusted, vetted partners will provide personalized recommendations for any product or service that you or your loved one(s) may need. 

Examples of research could include:

-The best home care agencies that service your mother's area

-Top-rated speech therapists for your niece with special needs

-The right type of senior living facility for your father whose health is declining

-A convenient transportation service for your grandma who can no longer drive safely


Consult a caregiving expert through Dari Dedicated

Sometimes educational resources, no matter how valuable, just aren't enough. If you still aren't getting what you need from Dari Digital Assistant's content, support groups, or live-chat features, you can access more support through Dari Dedicated.

Through calls, texts, emails, or virtual meetings, Dari Dedicated users can access one-on-one support, no matter what their needs might be.

Dari Dedicated connects families with expert Care Guides (licensed social workers) who specialize in helping families navigate the challenges associated with caregiving. Care Guides provide families with the additional advice, support and resources they need to care for their loved ones - and themselves!

Check out this sneak peek of exclusive Dari content!

Supporting real families like these


With my job I travel often and I used to feel guilty about going away. I’ve been able to relax so much more and enjoy being with my parents rather than always feeling as though I have to be checking up and making sure that they have everything they need.

Homethrive member


My son is eight and has special needs. It has been challenging to find home health. To have someone like my Care Guide, Monica... it's lifesaving. Monica is like that friend I have in my back pocket when I'm in trouble, and I just remember, "Oh, I need to see how Monica can help me out!"

Homethrive member


Dari has been a lifesaver for my family. As the COVID-19 pandemic is well underway, my father who is in congestive heart failure lives at home 1200 miles away. My Care Guide was able to get him whatever he needed within a day or two and the relief we feel with her help cannot be measured. I am forever grateful.

Homethrive member


Incredibly helpful. I have aging parents, one with Alzheimer’s.

Dari has helped my family better understand the issues, provide needed support, and continues to make a tough situation manageable. I’m very grateful.

Homethrive member