How MediGuide helps

Our MediGuide counselors are Medicare experts who will recommend the best health coverage based on individual preferences and needs. We’ll ensure that neither you nor your loved one(s) pay more than necessary.

Our expert guidance is always 100% objective and independent. We do not have sales agents and are not affiliated with any insurance companies. We are just here to help because we know every bit matters.

Note: If Homethrive is provided to you by your employer, this new service is included in your benefit at no additional charge.

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Too many choices?

The average Medicare beneficiary has access to 33 different Medicare Advantage plans in 2021.

of People Don't Understand Medicare and the "Medicare & You" Handbook Mailed by CMS to All Medicare Households is 120 Pages Long

We have you covered!

From simple situations to the most complex, we have your back to ensure you or your loved one's health coverage works best. Whether turning 65, were prescribed a new medication this year, or just received a new diagnosis, we will help avoid unnecessary bills, enrollment penalties, and delays in coverage.

Of Medicare Beneficiaries are Underinsured

How much could you save?

People typically save $2,000 - $5,000 per year – with some saving $10,000 or more – by evaluating their Medicare coverage. Ensuring that providers are in network and prescription medications are on formulary each year is critical because health plans make changes to both every year.

People Without Supplemental Medicare Coverage Pay 35% More on Average Than Those Without It

Get expert guidance
in 4 easy steps.

  1. Have you or your loved one sign up for a Homethrive membership by clicking here

  2. Fill out a brief intake form that includes information like doctors visited and prescription medications taken

  3. Your MediGuide counselor will research all available options, ranking them based on what's right for you or your loved one

  4. Personalized Medicare recommendations will be shared via e-mail and/or phone and your MediGuide counselor will address any questions

How we can help


Cindy enrolled in the same Medicare Part D plan as her husband when she became eligible because the plan had worked well for him for a few years. But after being on the plan she found out that a medication to manage her rheumatoid arthritis was not covered. We helped her find an assistance program through the manufacturer to help pay for her arthritis medication for the rest of the plan year and enrolled her in a new plan for the following year, saving her $2,750.



Jane enrolled in a Medicare Advantage that came recommend by her primary care provider. Jane was happy with her plan during the first couple of years, but in 2019 she noticed that her premiums and prescription costs increased. She was then learned that her primary care provider was no longer in network with her plan. By re-evaluating plans for the upcoming year, we helped Jane enroll in a plan that not only decreased her healthcare costs by $1,350 per year but also enabled her to stay with her preferred doctors.



Miguel retired and enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan from his prior insurance company. With diabetes and cardiovascular disease, his top priority was to select a plan that provided care consistent with what he had while working. But once Miguel’s new coverage began, he found that his insulin and heart medications weren’t covered. He then faced a long list of uncovered charges on a procedure from his now out-of-network cardiologist. We helped Miguel save over $40,000 on prescriptions and medical costs in one year by helping him during open enrollment to choose a new plan that covered his preferred providers and prescriptions.


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If Homethrive is provided to you by your employer, this new service is included in your benefit at no additional charge.

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